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Welcome to the
Authortube Writing Conference (AWC)!

The Authortube Writing Conference (AWC) was founded by S.D. Huston in 2022, and Margaret Pinard joined the AWC Team in 2023.

This conference's goals are about bringing people together from all aspects of the writing and the book publishing process. This conference is an opportunity to get inside the world of writing craft, traditional and indie publishing, and to connect writers, authors, and professionals who all work toward adding great literature and knowledge to our world’s depository.

Check THE AUTHORTUBE WRITING CONFERENCE GUIDE at this link for more information!

Meet the AWC Team

Welcome to Authortube Writing Conference! We are a community of volunteers dedicated to bringing together a host of knowledgeable speakers to educate, inspire and share their writing and publishing expertise with an audience of all skill levels.

We are looking for all types of volunteers. If you're interested in being part of the team, please apply here!

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