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Welcome to the
Authortube Writing Conference (AWC)!

The Authortube Writing Conference (AWC) was founded by S.D. Huston in 2022, and Margaret Pinard joined the AWC Team in 2023.

This conference's goals are about bringing people together from all aspects of the writing and the book publishing process. This conference is an opportunity to get inside the world of writing craft, traditional and indie publishing, and to connect writers, authors, and professionals who all work toward adding great literature and knowledge to our world’s depository.

Check THE AUTHORTUBE WRITING CONFERENCE GUIDE at this link for more information!

Meet the AWC Founder

Told that she was a weird child because she spent summers in the backrooms of libraries reading and drawing everything she researched, S.D. Huston embraced her eccentric passions for writing. Even as she constantly traveled all her life with several years in the U.S. Army with one deployment, then gaining an MFA in creative writing from Spalding University, she always immersed herself in reading and writing about magical lands and world mythologies. She particularly loves Irish mythology with its Celtic roots, which found its way center stage in her YA Fantasy series, Clash of Goddesses. She continues to embrace all the quirkiness in her life, especially her autistic son who sees life as one grand adventure filled with beasts and monsters that need to be conquered. Other love interests include her family, four cats, and one dog.

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S.D. Huston

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Meet the AWC Partner

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Margaret Pinard

Margaret Pinard is a historical fiction and fantasy writer based in the moss forest known as Portland, OR. Her historical works explore stories of struggle and intrigue in the 19th century, while her latest work, the short story collection, Fabled Passages, plays with historical and fantasy genre expectations. Margaret co-founded Jolabokaflod PDX, an Icelandic-themed indie book festival, and has been a Booktuber, AuthorTuber, and Blazer since 2020.

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